Brunswick conversion. 58″, 19oz



Brunswick full splice Red label conversion cue.   Cue had the label prior to complete restoration.   Butt section is 29″, I can put a 29″ or 30″ Shaft on it.   It weighs in at 19 oz.

It has the Flat Faced Self Centering 3/8″ x 10 TPI Stainless pin.

You will get a very hi quality Maple shaft to your specs and it will match the cue. All shafts will have a minimum of 15 grains per inch, straight grain from joint to ferrule and no sugar marks, shafts of this quality are not cheap but they are worth it. Most shafts have a 12″ Pro Taper @ 12.75 mm but the shaft for this cue is just waiting for it’s final profile.